Benefits of AquaJogging

AquaJogging is a non-impact cardiovascular type of workout. For running, or any other sport, AquaJogging can be a great way to stay in shape longer with fewer injuries. In addition to cardiovascular conditioning, Aquajogging provides balanced, muscular toning and strengthening through resistance, and promotes recovery from injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments and weight bearing joints. 

The AquaJogger water exercise buoyancy belt was originally developed as a water rehabilitation tool for pre and post surgery patients and world-class athletes recovering from an injury in Eugene, OR. This unique flotation device soon captured the attention of other athletes around the world who not only found the AquaJogger valuable in recovery from injury but as a extraordinary training tool in maintaining the high levels of fitness demanded by competitive sports. The AquaJgger became the key that opened the door to the world of impact-free deep water exercise and soon athletes began incorporating water workout into their regular training regimens. 

How it works:

Suspended up to your neck in deep water with the AquaJogger, you can breathe normally like you do on land as you move through the water. Your feet don't touch the bottom of the pool so there is no impact and the water provides resistance in all directions that you control by the speed of your movements.  Since your body is submerged, the hydrostatic pressure around your body improves cardiac function, lowers blood pressure, assists the body in tissue healing and sets in motion a host of other benefits. Enjoy almost any activity in the water that you traditionally do on land, including running, cross country skiing, aerobics, and dance moves.  You are limited only by your imagination.

Click here to visit the official Aquajogger website for additional information and videos.